What We Believe In!

On the Imberger Ginseng Farm, Inc. we take great pride in our efforts to provide only the highest quality American ginseng. We still know the meaning of the words:

  • "Quality"
  • "Value"

Fred Imberger with 4 year old roots.

A picture from the "early days"

Fred uses his 35+ years of experience to seek out and provide top quality ginseng products to his customers.

During these 35+ years in business, we have had roots, fibers, prongs and powder for sale. Beginning in 1996, we made top quality Wisconsin ginseng available in easy-to-take capsules. Each contains 500mg of 100% pure Wisconsin ginseng, with NO preservatives and NO additives.

Picture of one of our early gardens.
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About Imberger

After 35+ years in business, the Imberger Ginseng Farm, Inc. remains committed to providing its customers with only the finest products. You can rest assured that, regardless of which American Ginseng product you purchase from us, you will be receiving a product of superior quality.