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American Ginseng

A typical Leaf pattern of an American Ginseng plant.

No. Just because the word "ginseng" is on a product doesn't mean you are getting any real ginseng. There are many "imitators" trying to ride on the "coat-tails" of true ginseng. Some of these "imitators" include Siberian, Brazilian, and Indian ginseng. True ginseng is a member of the genus Panax. Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng) is considered to the "hot" ginseng. It is said to to give a quick boost of energy and is not always advisable for persons with high blood pressure. American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium) is called the "cool" ginseng and it is said to have a calming effect.

The active ingredient in true ginseng is called ginsenocide, a complex carbohydrate. Korean ginseng has an average level of 4% or less. Since Siberian, Brazilian, and Indian ginsengs are not true ginsengs they contain little or no ginsenocide. True ginseng also contains B-vitamins, folic acid, zinc, Iron amino acids, and other minerals. The capsules from the Imberger Ginseng Farm Inc.  contain 100% pure American Ginseng (roots, prongs, and fibers) from Wisconsin. These capsules also contain absolutely NO additives and NO preservatives. These 500 mg capsules are packaged in convenient 100 capsule bottles, sold individually or in a box of 12 bottles (discount may be available for larger orders).

Wisconsin Ginseng

A whole Wisconsin Ginseng Plant

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