Dried Ginseng Root - Short

Short Colossal 5yr old --ONE POUND--

Approx. 22 -26 Ginseng Roots/lb.

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About Imberger

The Imberger Ginseng Farm, Inc. has been in the ginseng business since 1974. We take great pride in our work of providing the highest quality American ginseng. After 45+ years in the ginseng business, we still know the meaning of the words “quality” and “value”.  During these 45+ years we have produced top quality American ginseng for our customers.  We offer roots, powder, slices and capsules. Even though we are a small ginseng business, customer satisfaction is very important to us. We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase. You can rest assured that regardless of which 100% American ginseng product you purchase from us, you will be receiving a product of superior quality.